Master Speaking A Foreign Language
FluentPal helps you learn foreign language communication through AI teachers, participate in role-playing situations, and chat with famous AI characters."
Learn a foreign language as if you are living abroad!

Native speakers learn their language practically without any formal education. There is no secret, they speak and listen to their native language everyday right from when they were born.

FluentPal helps you learn a foreign language by creating a foreign language environment so that you can actively use your voice to communicate in a foreign language at any time. The sooner you take the initiative to learn communication, the more fluently you will speak, and your pronunciation will also be more accurate.

Supported languages
FluentPal will guide and converse with you to help you learn the following languages:
Highly intelligent
Talking with FluentPal's characters feels like chatting with actual people. The AI behind FluentPal is crafted from learning hundreds of thousands of real conversations from native speakers, ensuring FluentPal offers a highly realistic and practical learning experience.
Rich Lessons
FluentPal offers a variety of communication exercises, each one an opportunity for you to practice and improve your language skills.
For just $4 a month or $41 for the lifetime package, FluentPal is always ready to learn a foreign language with you anywhere and anytime. Additionally, when purchasing the lifetime package, you will receive support and lifetime upgrades of new features.
The app focuses on creating a simple and effective foreign language learning environment, making you feel comfortable and confident as you begin your language learning journey.
Everything You Need to Learn a Foreign Language!
Participate in Role-Playing Scenarios

You will engage in daily foreign language communication scenarios. Through this, you not only hone your language skills but also develop your thinking ability, creativity, and situational handling skills.

Speak with AI Celebrities

Speak with famous personalities like Elon or Messi through super-intelligent AI in any language.

Lessons for beginners

90 basic communication skills lessons for beginners

Create Custom Conversations

FluentPal allows you to create conversations exactly as you wish, helping you to independently develop your own foreign language learning path.

Suggested Responses

FluentPal will provide appropriate suggestions for each situation. You will never have to worry about not knowing what to say.

Translate into Your Language

FluentPal supports up to 70 languages. You can ask FluentPal for entire sentences or individual words, helping you to enhance your vocabulary.


FluentPal fixes your mistakes and provides suggestions to help you converse better in each situation.

Choose the AI's Level

There are three different conversation levels for you to choose from: 'Beginner', 'Advanced', and 'IELTS' (specifically for English).

Loves from customers!
Developed since August 2023, FluentPal quickly gained user support and has become an essential product for language learners.
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Let's SPEAK Like a Native!
The app is currently available on the AppStore and PlayStore.